The Latest Obsession…

The latest obsession is Pointe Shoes. Although I wouldn’t say it was a new obsession, just a re-ignited one. I have always wanted a pair. At seven years old I started ballet lessons. You can’t have point shoes at seven years old. You can however, have exams. I didn’t want exams, I wanted Pointe Shoes.
I quit ballet lessons before I was eight. I never got any Pointe Shoes. The seven year old me did not see the future of me becoming a prima ballerina. I just wanted to dance around on the tips of my toes in those amazing beautiful shoes.


By the time I hit my teens the need for Pointe Shoes had started again. This time in Art lessons. The graceful physique of a ballerina was focused on during drawing lessons/homework. Over and over again, sketching started at the bottom…at the Pointe Shoes. I have know idea what it was. I found drawing anything above the hips of a ballerina boring. I think it’s the shape of the way the feet are? I quite liked drawing the legs because I wanted a pair that long and graceful. And at the end of them was a pair of Pointe Shoes.

In my last couple of years of high school I was friends with a girl who was a dancer. She even went on to study dance at university. I remember being in her room, and hanging from the door, there they were…Pointe Shoes. A real pair. Right in front of me in real life an actual pair. When my friend left the room, I walked across and stood in awe, staring at them. I really wanted to pick them up and put them on and dance around in them. I got as far as touching them before my friend came back.

So, a few years later into my adult life I almost had the perfect excuse to buy a pair of beautiful Pointe Shoes. Not that I would have been able to use them. A colleague suggested us joining a ballet dance class to keep fit. Now, Pointe Shoes would not have been used, I would have stuck with soft ballet shoes but I would have been one step closer to buying a pair of real ones. The ballet lessons never went further than a phone call and then I moved cities.

And then last week, we went to the cinema. And I want to be a ballerina. With Pointe Shoes. The film is amazing! And the obsession has been re-lit. I have spent the past week trawling online dance footwear suppliers for a pair. A few hurdles have been thrown up in my path, like the sizing, shanks and boxes. And how strong your feet actually need to be. And how strong mine are not!

So the next best thing? The NYC ballet workout DVD? I can have a body like a ballerina. At least I can justify a pair of soft ballet shoes. The Pointe Shoes may have to continue their wait…they have waited 19 years already.



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