The Latest Obsession (Part II)

So the latest obsession with Pointe Shoes is continuing, but the want of a ballerina physique has infiltrated its way into the eternal battle of THAT body. After the the longest week of waiting for a parcel to be delivered from Amazon, I finally received the NYC Ballet Workout DVD…four days after the soft pink leather ballet shoes arrived at the beginning of the week.

This evening I spent an hour with Part One. This evening I have discovered that I am neither very strong nor very flexible and I have a severe lack of co-ordination. And I discovered this all within a couple of minutes of pressing ‘play’ on the DVD player.

The warm up section baffled my brain to arm to leg to feet signals leaving me very doubtful that I an ounce of ballerina grace inside my body. The Floor Barre work was much easier on the co-ordination front and was not overly difficult and I believe if I were to do this very regularly I may eventually have the stomach muscles of a prima ballerina one day, and my 26 year old seized up body may regain some of the flexibility I remember having when I was taking childhood ballet lessons.

Then, the word ‘plié’ appeared on the screen. Oh yes, they’re real ballet exercises, I thought. Followed by ‘tendu’, ‘dégagé ‘ and ‘grand battement’ which confimed that my balance is very off and my arms, having being held up in the air in one position or another the whole way through, are very weak and not very strong at all. I think my bottom started ‘tucked in’ but by the end of the work out was probably very ungracefully ‘stuck out’.

My hour of ballet was more of an hour of unbalanced mess but I actually thoroughly enjoyed it. A few more attempts and my bottom may be half way to ‘tucked in’ and I’m hoping for some real improvement in the balance and flexibility department over the next few weeks. And I have yet to watch Part Two of this workout. I think that I will tweek the arrangement and have a makeshift Barre to hand for all the pliés, grand battements and balancing acts until I become a prima ballerina in my own living room.

I have high hopes for this DVD…it did not feel strenuous while I was attempting it but now muscles that I did not know existed are starting to tell me they in fact, do. Maybe I’ll wake up with a perfect ballerina physique tomorrow morning?

(I still want a pair of Pointe Shoes…)



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