Ballet Vs Running

So the 10K race is only five weeks away and on last night’s 7K training run I had the first serious ‘this is too far/how did I do this last year/I am not ready for it this year’ doubts. 10K is really far. Last night my speed would mean that I would finish in 1hr 8 mins. Er… I don’t think so. I refuse to have a time slower than last year. Maybe it is time for last year’s secret weapon of Jelly Babies to come out? Later in the week we have a little 5K (sprint?) planned, and then a 9K trundle on Sunday evening to build up the stamina.

At the moment I seem to spend my life wearing running shoes.

Something much more fun in life to mention… I have found a new ballet class! And it is much better than my old class. I started again last week, I it felt oh-so-AMAZING to be back at the barre. Within the first few Pliés I was happy and it felt like I was back where I belonged.
The barre work was slightly more varied than my last class. New barre exercises included Developpé which we did not do in my last class. Tendu was more varied, swapping between legs rather than just ‘going through the motions’.
Somehow, I ended up at the front during Centre Work, which was great because I could see the steps but no so great due to being self conscious.

My Pirouettes need a lot of work… I still can’t spot.

However, I did Piqué turns for the first time ever and they weren’t half bad. I did spend the next few days obsessing in my head over them because my brain forgot how you were even supposed to excecute them.

The best part of the lesson was when the teacher said I had ‘nice placement and posture’. So I can look like a ballerina. Cue a super happy me until I got to work the next day.

I do much prefer wearing ballet shoes.



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