I Heart Pirouette en Dedans

Last night’s ballet class was amazing. I am enjoying these lessons so much more than my old ones. So far I have had four classes at my new school and I cannot believe that I am picking things up so quickly. Nothing seemed to stick in my brain at my old class.

Barre work is always my favourite part of the lesson, although centre work seems to be hot on the Barre’s toes since I have mastered the art of remembering the steps of the Petit Allegro.
I love our Barre routine:

Relevé and Plié in 1st, 2nd, 4th and 5th positions including Port de Bras.
Battement Tendu, changing feet, and with Pliés.
Frappé (which I do not enjoy very much) and Battement Glissé
Rond de Jambe
Grande Battements and en Cloche

Centre work has never been my strong point. I have only done one perfect pirouette in my whole ballet life and even that was when I was having a little practice before the music. When the music started I turned in my usual clumsy way. I have only just managed to engage my brain to my feet as to which way to turn when Pirouetting en Dehors, never mind be able to concentrate on whether I can even spot yet. Just keeping up with the music and the rest of the Petit Allegro has been an accomplishment in itself.

So last night, we were taught Pirouette en Dedans. As soon as I heard we were going to be learning a whole other way of spinning, in the opposite way of what I had only just understood (the brain sees it but can’t seem to get a message to my legs in time) I thought ‘oh great…’
The only thing was, they were great. I love doing them, I find them easier than en Dehors! I love kicking my leg out and whipping it into Passé. And I even landed with the correct foot in front. My left leg is rubbish when it is the supporting leg, but that can be worked on, and I still land on the correct foot in front. There is hope for me yet!

The matter of Fouettés was brought up during my beginners class by the end of last night’s lesson. Next week we get to have a go. Slowly. And from the very beginning. At the Barre. I cannot wait. Thirty-two Fouettés here I come. Well, maybe I will just try one for now.



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