Madame, I Think We Have a Breakthrough

Quick random ballet update: I think I may have mastered how to SPOT!?!

I missed class this week due to anniversary time, so decided to have a quick mini-in-the-kitchen-lesson this afternoon.
Firstly, I cannot believe how much flexibility I seem to have lost in a week and a half… cue lots of stretches with pointed foot on the kitchen counter, and a lot of Port de Bras to get the muscles moving again.
Then I thought I would practise some Pirouettes and try spotting at the same time. This proved useless due to the fact the kitchen is not wide enough to execute a Pirouette unless it is perfect, tight, with spotting and the Principle in the Royal Ballet is doing it.

Back to square one.

After playing around trying to fit Arabesques in the kitchen, Piqué turns came into play. We have been doing Piqué, Soutenu and into Arabesque then repeat. You can just about fit one of these into the kitchen before you fall into the kitchen sink/dining room depending on which way you are going. Or, three Piqué turns instead.
And that is what I have been doing most of the afternoon, focusing on one thing ahead of me, and then gradually as the afternoon went on I realised I could see my shoulders turning at a different pace below my head…no longer are my head and neck fused to my body while turning!

I think I may have almost cracked SPOTTING. I hope I can still do it tomorrow. I hope I can still do it in Tuesday’s lesson.



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