Ballet Corrections

The ballet is going well. At least I feel it is anyway… It’s surprising how much progress you can make in a class you actually like!

Since February I can Pirouette more successfully than I ever did in my old class. The Pirouettes are by no means perfect but having mastered which way to turn, en dehors/en dedans, at the right time, I think I am on the right path.
I have, after all, mastered spotting. Finally. And I just love Piqué turns now because of this. (Unfortunately we don’t get to practise these at every lesson.)
And, amazingly my flexibility has gone from not being able to touch my mid-shins when bending over, to almost comfortably touching my toes, to this evening discovering I can touch the floor. This is due to a daily stretching, if not with the kitchen counter acting as a too low substitute barre, then sat in the living room stretching while watching TV.

Now our adult beginner class is getting good, our teacher has decided to be a little harsher on us. Last night I got two corrections. One for my Rond de Jambe en L’air as my toe was not coming past close to my knee, and one for my Penché..I just aren’t flexible enough and it just seemed to look like your average Arabesque (which I did get complimented for. YAY!!). I thought my inner thigh was going to snap when I was shown how to do Penché properly!

This evening I have practised our full bar routine, including extra time on my corrections.
I am dying to have the space to practise Pirouettes, Entrechat, more Piqué turns and the Petit Allegro we have been learning. In less than six months, I should hopefully have that extra space (but that’s a future post).



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