Jumping Vs Twirling

Ballet lessons are still amazing. I cannot fault them and I feel as though I improve a little each week. Barre work is still by far, the area I feel most confident in. We have started to incorporate more techinical exercises at the Barre, including double Frappés which I managed to get my head around while stood brushing my teeth each morning, only for our teacher to change the routine from front-side-back to front-back-side by our next lesson. Brain does not work. Battement Glissé has started to include alot more arm movement at the same time (multi-tasking is definately more difficult on the dreaded left side). And we have done a lot of Developpé, Fondu and Port de Bras en demi pointe. This, I like especially.

Then there are jumps and twirling. I love Pirouettes, Soutennus, and especially Piqués. I am not particularly good at them, but I do enjoy doing them, and they must have improved drastically since I started taking this new class in February.
And then there are jumps. I can handle Echappés aslong as the changing of positions is not too fancy. I can just about, after a lot of thinking between lessons, get my head around Entrechat. And my most recent jumping hurdle has been Assemblé and Brisé, from the corner, on my own, in front of the class, travelling across the room. Help! That is what I thought when it was my turn last week. ‘I hate jumps’ is what I said to our very patient teacher, just before I set off. My brain never connected with my legs, never mind my feet, and I spent the whole week trying to figure out how such simple movements are to be executed. All that thinking paid off, after a few attempts at last night’s lesson, I could do them. I do not think for one minute that I moved lightly or with grace. Apparently my problem is lack of confidence, I just need to be ‘braver’ is what I was told. Confidence and bravery actually works wonders…when I find it.

I’m hoping for more Pirouttes and Piqué turns next week. I am NOT a jumper.



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