Ballet Holiday

There are no ballet lessons until the end of July. Our class teacher is having a holiday, which is wonderful for her, not so wonderful for us.

I must admit, I have been pretty lazy in in-between-lesson-practise recently. I normally try and get a little bit of practise in at least one night a week, and up until a few weeks ago was stretching daily to increase my flexibility. Then I got busy. And I think, even a little bit lazy? And for the past two classes I have really felt it. I have felt stiff at the barre, and my muscles have really felt seized up after classes.

At last night’s class, I felt particularly unfit. We have been doing a lot more jumping routines recently, lots of Sissones and Brisés and Fouetté jumps. Exhausting for a not so flexible me.
An then something amazing happened. After the exhausting jumps, it was time for the dreaded Chainé turns. Really?! We haven’t done them for weeks, and I certainly have not been practising them. We had to go one by on, from the corner. I was sixth in line and not really looking forward to it. My turn came, and off I went, turning and turning and turning, and spotting and spotting…I got complimented for my improved spotting!
Next we had to do six Piqué turns and then straight into Chainé turns. Again, I went sixth. Piqué turns are my favourite turn (only because I can do them and I feel like a real ballerina when we do them). Off I went, our teacher counting which turn I was on…Six is a lot when the music isn’t particularly quick. The sixth Piqué came and in my head I was concentrating on remembering to Chainé the life out of myself to the other side of the room. I got to the other side, slightly dizzy, despite the spotting, but most importantly with praise on how much my turns have suddenly improved!

You get good a ballet, and then there are no more lessons three weeks.

So for the next few weeks I need to set some ballet goals.

  • Stretch every single day.
  • Floor barre every day to strengthen core muscles. (Every little helps in the pursuit of the perfect Pirouettes.)
  • Practice the things that need serious improvement:
  • Chainé turns
  • Petit Battements, Glissé, Double Frappé
  • Developpé (especially in trying to get my legs higher)

I should also practise Double Pirouettes, but there is just not enough room is this house to do so!


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