Favourite Barre Exercise of the Week

Ballet class returned last week and I had been very lazy in my practice between lessons. However, last week’s lesson was not difficult in technique but was very much so in terms of flexibility. I felt like I was back to to square one.

Last night’s class was better. I have decided to do a little Yoga to increase flexibility whenever I can, thanks to a clever little app on the iPhone. I did do a lot of stretching before leaving for class last night and it worked wonders. Port des Bras is much easier when you can touch your toes, you feel more like a real ballerina.. *insert smiley face here*.

Anyhow, in last night’s class we were doing our barre routine and it was time for Développés. There was only three of us at the class last night, and although I do like less numbers, it leaves us open for all manner of corrections that are normally missed! Now, I like to Développé. It is slow, controlled and graceful and is great for pretending to look like a real ballerina. Last night with all eyes upon us I decided to Développé the hell out of my legs, stretching them out as far and as high as they would go. The sensation of stretching in my hips felt good and my muscles in my inner thighs ached afterwards we turned to the barre at the end for a Penché on each leg. I Penchéd like never before, lifting my leg as high as my twenty-seven year old hips joints would allow. I have been corrected on my Penché a couple of times and I was determined it would not be me getting corrected again this week!

And so Développé has become my new favourite barre exercise, I just want to do them all of the time! Stretching feels amazing…

(An even better feeling is being told you are developing a ‘nice Arabesque’.)



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