A Twenty Year Obsession Becoming a Reality?

At last night’s ballet class only two of us attended. This could be due to the fact it is still the summer holidays and a lot of people have gone away.

Well, it was a pretty amazing lesson. Despite the fact there was more chance of being spotted making mistakes, it was a great opportunity to learn from them. I got several corrections, again for my Demi-Plié is fourth as I tend to sit in my right hip every time. This is also the hip that tends to get stuck whenever we do any barre exercise that involves rotating the leg from the front to back. It does not hurt, it just gets stuck. Anyway, I learnt that this was most likely not due to my seized-up twenty-seven year old body, but due to standing up all day at work and shifting my weight from one foot to the other and sitting in each hip for most of the day. I need to stand properly at work to avoid this problem. I must stand like a ballerina for eight hours a day! (If only I could wear a tutu to work.)

Besides all of the corrections I seemed to be getting, I did get asked if I had done ballet when I was younger. I had, when I was seven, but quit when exam time came…I only wanted a pair of pointe shoes. After I told my teacher this last night she said I ‘probably would have gone far in ballet’ as I have ‘good feet for ballet’. DAMN IT. I have missed my ballet career!!
But worry not..after telling her that I still dream of Pointe Shoes, so does the rest of our class, she has said we may be able to squeeze some Pointe work into class once everybody has return from the summer. At this point I began celebrating with triple Pirouettes in my head!
I have never been so excited about pain. It looks so beautiful. I cannot wait! It is at this point that I would like to thank my father for passing down his high arches…finally something better than short-sightedness and goofy teeth (they were sorted years ago).



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