Ballet Feet

I  am getting closer to being En Pointe.
After a discussion with our teacher and fellow pretend ballerinas at last night’s class we learnt a few of things.
  • We can no longer be considered an Adult ‘Beginner’ Class. (Six months of this class and I’m already ‘Intermediate’.)
  • Apparently we would ‘terrify’ a newcomer to ‘Beginner’ Ballet Class.
  • I have ‘beautiful’ feet. In a ballet context, not a general context…they are ugly. Beautiful, as in high arches/insteps/aesthetically pleasing to the ballet world.
  • This makes me super happy, finally something to thank my father for other than bad eye-sight and bad teeth (both of which have been corrected at the orthodontist and opticians).
  • The Therabands are coming out in next week’s lesson!!
  • Our desire for pointe class may end up shuffling around other classes. Ooops.
  • Right now, I want to be En Pointe more than ever.



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