Ballet Just Got Serious

Ballet did just get serious. This week’s lesson had a more ‘stern’ atmosphere. If you want to go en pointe, there is no time for messing around.

Everybody is back from the summer and the class is full again. And not everybody welcomes pointe as much as I do. So, this means if you want pointe, you start class earlier (even though this is backwards, pointe is normally taught at the end of class).

So our more serious lesson began with taking off our ballet shoes and learning about our feet. No sickling. No uneven weight distribution. It all is placed in the first three toes. Knees must be ‘locked’ no bending, legs must be straight while on demi-pointe.

All of our barre work was performed in demi-pointe.

Then came the Therabands.

And then came sore muscles from the back of the legs below the knee all the way through to the toes. This lasted for three days afterwards.

I have luckily come across a blue Theraband at home and as of tonight is going to use it to strengthen the feet.

I can’t wait for pointe shoe fitting time.




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