February Ballet Corrections

I can go for a few weeks without any corrections in class and then out of nowhere one week will end up with several in one lesson. I liketo laugh them off in class, but actually I do take them seriously and try and fix the pointed out problems before the next lesson.
At twenty-eight years of age I know I am too old in the ballet world to progress beyond amateur, hey, I should have kept this up when I was seven, but if you’re scared of exams how are you going to progress when there is competition too?
Anyway the idea is to improve what little ballerina-talent you do have. I may be too old to be Principle at RB or ENB or even further a field, but there’s no harm in trying to be the best amateur you can be.

So last week’s corrections are as followed;

I seem to have developed a little additional move while doing Grand Battements. The right knee likes to do a little bend while the left leg is doing the battements. My excuse is that the left hip and leg is not as flexible as the right so takes more effort to swing past my ears (may be not quite that high), hence the little bend (like a mini Plié to get it off the ground).

Ahh, pointe work, how I love thee. Now the pointe work is coming along nicely, we are a little ambitious is our class and have begun Chainé turns en pointe. It wasn’t my suggestion, I really was quite worried about falling off pointe and breaking my ankles. But I actually surprised myself, turned several times, while spotting and NOT breaking my ankles. Success!
And a little compliment from the ballet teacher… apparently I have beautiful ballet feet and legs, then came the correction.
A simple (?) thing is causing problems for me… Relevés onto one foot. Having done the Chainés this should be relatively simple and basic. No problems with Echappés in second, fourth and fifth, but once we Relevé on to one foot, that foot is no longer tucked underneath me but wants to move to the side. I simply think that this is because it is so much effort to get up there on one foot (not as much as it used to be) but I think that this is what is being compensating for. The leg is longer in pointe shoes and therefore more effort is required to jump higher to get up there.
However we may have a breakthrough since lots of sunday afternoon practise in the kitchen. We shall see later on this evening at class.

Another ongoing hurdle is the lack of flexibility of a twenty-eight year old. The turnout feels and looks as though it is improving thanks to the Rond de Jambe and the occasional Grand Plié in second position while brushing your teeth. Learning to use the mirror in class is also proving a helpful to watch your turnout while at the barre, something that I am not so keen on doing.
And then we have the hamstrings. Hamstrings are my current nemesis and I have been reduced to threatening them with the Theraband. Lying on the floor while watching TV with band wrapped around feet and pulling those dreadful hamstrings is the exercise of the day.

If only there were more classes in the week…


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