When Sad, Do Ballet

This time last week I was feeling pretty low due to a few health reasons. Having been up until the early hours feeling quite ill, I woke up late morning to grey, grey, grey skies which just made things feel worse. I think a little Seasonal Affective Disorder may have being playing a part too, this winter has seemed exceptionally long and dark. By the afternoon, a thought came into my head that I never thought would… ‘I might skip ballet class tonight.’

Now, apart from missing a couple of classes last year due to holiday, missing a class is unheard off. It’s the best part of the week. Every week I come out of class feeling on top of the world and wishing there was more time for dancing and less time for everyday life.

Well, I did manage to drag my sorry-little-but-bigger-than-a-professional-ballerina-butt down to class. Wow, I was so down still when I arrived. Half an hour later I realised how much better ballet would make me feel. I was so pleased I went. I would have missed out on a hell of a lot of Sissones en pointe, and our first every Piqué turns en pointe which quite simply made you feel amazing even if they were very unsteady going left. (Although everything is unsteady on the left).

And then to top things off, there was a moment when all the flexibility improving paid off. Foot on the bar stretching (it’s been a while)…I can comfortably get the left foot up on that barre with a STRAIGHT leg without any pain. Last time we did this, the left leg would was not capable of this. We have a flexibility breakthrough!!

It’s the little things that make you feel better. Yes, exercise releases endorphins, but without all the little steps of improvement, I may have left with just a cloud lifted, but instead, actually came out with sunshine.

Ballet is good for you.



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