Pointe Shoe Fitting at Bloch

While we are waiting for the pictures from last weekend’s performance pictures to be sifted through and edited, here’s a little post on the NEW pointe shoes.

During our trip to London the other week to watch Swan Lake in the Round, it was the perfect opportunity to get fitted for some new pointe shoes at Bloch.
The Wife’s first pair of beloved pointe shoes were Bloch Serenade size 3.5 D. At first the thought of your very first pair of pointe shoes dying was a little heartbreaking. They saw the a lot of firsts. First échappés en pointe, first relevés en pointe, first pirouettes en pointe. There was a time when you thought a relevé on one leg wearing the damn things was the most epic and tiring thing you had ever done. So when it came to accepting that their time was up, it was a little sad. Then you realised they had gone so soft (even though they made your arches look amazing) that you were falling out of your turns and going too far over the box.

It was time to accept a new pair.

I wanted to move away from the Serenades…maybe there was a different model better suited to the feet. So the first pair I tried on were the Sonatas. The box made my feet look good, much nicer than the Serenades. But after trying on several different sizes we still had not come up with a comfortable fit.
On to the Bloch Hannah model. Oh yes, these made your feet look good, the shank was already super-bendy in these and instantly hugged my arches, but as good as they looked I felt as though they did not offer me enough support, and I would have been straight over the box and on the floor.
Next up was the TMT paste model (not sure which one). The Wife was all ‘Yes! New technology, easy to break in, not like the rock hard Serenade shank!’ Too long, too baggy at the ankle, and felt very weird. I like to feel the floor, and I could not in these. Shame, as a friend wears these and they make her feet look beautiful.


And then we end up full circle. There are only so many models of shoe that will work with each type of foot. So out come the Serenades. Boo. Boring! And flashbacks of how long it took to break the first pair in came flooding back. That shank is hard. I came away with a better fitting version. Bloch Serenades in size 3.5 C.
I spent the next day sewing ribbons and elastics (prefer my elastics criss crossed) and bending the shank to fit my arches. These shoes were, shall we say a lot more SNUG. They felt completely different to my old pair. It was wonderful feeling support again, but at first they made me feel like a complete beginner (my turns were awful).


Over the weekend, we did our show, and the shoes had to be modified further before dancing was comfortable. Apart from standing on the box, it had to be wet with water to mold around my little toe on my right foot. Apart from that, I think I had well and truly broken them in now, a lot quicker than my first pair. And the fit is much better than the originals, no more saggy material around the ankles or sinking into the box.


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