Ballet Urges

Every now and again, I get cravings to ballet.

The most recent craving has been bothering me for around a month or so. I can’t stop listening to the Nutcracker Pas de Deux when walking to and from work and it isn’t even Christmas yet. Things are bad. This one is serious.

It all started when I was browsing youtube videos and found this. I wasn’t paying particular attention to the screen at the time, in fact in was the music that caught my attention. Considering I have watched the Nutcracker before I am very surprised that it never bothered me previously.
But this time it was instant love. The music caught my attention and then Fumi Kaneko’s beautiful rehearsal outfit (and dancing of course) did the rest. It’s beautiful. I am now completely in love with this piece and the choreography and I am dying to get it out.

There’s just one problem.

The lack of adult male dancers locally.

And so I am currently resigned to watching this version with Royal Ballet principle Steven McRae over and over again. *sigh*



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