English National Ballet | Nutcracker

How many times can a ballet company make you cry in one performance?

The answer is three.

English National Ballet already have me hooked. So when you find out that Daria Klimentova and Vadim Muntagirov are cast in the Nutcracker on your birthday, the chances are you are going to go and watch. From the front row.

After lovely dancing from ENB and the children from Tring Park in the opening scenes, Clara grows up and turns into Daria Klimentova, Junor Souza dancing strong as the Nutcracker. Mice are everywhere dancing some light hearted moves, perfect for the family audience.

The Snowflakes followed, the bottom lip started quivering and somehow tears welled up in the eyes. This is the first time ENB got the better of me yesterday. The Snowflakes were danced beautifully, the costumes bright, white and magical. Lead Snowflakes Laurretta Summerscales and Ksenia Ovsyanick standing out and making me wish I was them.

Diverstissements always go too quick for me. Chinese was certainly a favourite, the steps happy and I think the one I would most like to dance.

Waltz of the Flowers brought the second batch of tears. This is by far the BEST Waltz of the Flowers I have seen. ENB corps are perfect, with Alison McWhinney and Laurretta Summerscales leading with their partners. (Forgive me if anybody is mentioned incorrectly but the cast listing handed out with the programme was for the wrong date.) The choreography showed off not just the talent of the girls but also the strength of the danseurs, something I never used to appreciate until taking ballet classes myself. Flowers shows off what the ENB have got, they completely suck you in and leave you wanting more. Thank goodness I get to watch it all again on January 5th.

Waltz of the Flowers finished merging into the music of the Grand Pas de Deux, the most favourite Pas de Deux of all time for me. Cue more chin wobbling and tears as Daria and Vadim enter the stage. The perfect partnership, Daria’s port des bras stood out for me like no other has for me before. She dances so gracefully. Watching her and Vadim dance live, in front of you is like a dream, an epic partnership that works so fluid and well together. Vadim’s jumps are high yet land so softly, his turns are strong and Daria completely blew me away with the fouetté turns ending straight into what looked like a million chainés across the stage to join Vadim in dancing perfectly timed back across the stage together. They are literally the perfect partnership and left me feeling like a teenager who had just watched their teen idols perform.

English National Ballet has done it again, proven why they are my favourite ballet company.

I am still addicted and can’t wait for Le Corsaire in February and Romeo and Juliet in June.



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