Royal Ballet Cinema Season | Giselle

An hour before I was due to leave to watch Royal Ballet’s cinema relay of Giselle, it was announced that Vadim Muntagirov was resigning from ENB to join as Principle at RB.

I was shocked.

RB aren’t going to win me over from the ENB camp that easily.

Not even with another wonderful cinema relay evening.

I had not seen Osipova dance before and in Act I her footwork was technically precise yet unbelievably quick. Her turns around the stage were gravity-defying, fast and completely jaw-dropping.
Osipova’s Giselle came across as young, naive, innocent and happy until she realises the truth. In Act II Osipova was so sad, so completely heart broken and completely believable.

The Willis were beautiful, the corp de ballet so ethereal yet strong and intimidating.

Hikaru Kobayashi really stood out as Myrtha. She was cold, commanding and I would not like to cross her path. As I am sure Albrect didn’t either. His dance to his almost-death was tough, Acosta’s jumps high and at his usual strong standard, gradually withering as exhaustion set in, Myrtha and the Wilis being completely unforgiving.
As the sun came up and Giselle returned to her grave, leaving Albrect truly sorry beside her grave, and the audience a little drained.

Giselle was emotionally intense and truly tragic. And I am very much looking forward to something a little more lighthearted and happy-ended when Sleeping Beauty is broadcast in March.


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