Recurring Ballet Dreams (Mostly Nightmares)

Ever since starting regular classes almost two years ago I have been plagued with ballet dreams. I have lost count of the number of times I have had the same dreams about being able to do multiple pirouettes perfectly, and one after the other. I am always turning, so many times with so much control, over and over again.

Before I mastered the fouetté turns, well I say mastered but really I mean I can do about 5-7 to the right on a good day (and NOT even en pointe) , I had countless dreams about being able to perform them.
One particular recurring ballet dream is somehow being told to dance in Swan Lake despite having no idea what the steps are. But that is alright as ‘dream ballerina me’ can improvise her way through them. Despite the unknown steps, the only concern I really have is pulling of the thirty-two fouettés and desperately trying to get somebody in the know to help me.

There have some really bizarre dreams such as the one were I was trying to learn the Grand Pas de Deux from the Nutcracker (yay!) on a stage with a huge rug in the middle. .

My girl-crush and all time idol Tamara Rojo often features in the dreams. The most recent one involved meeting her at her office, which happened to be in a house two doors down from my childhood home (explain that one!). I was wearing pointe shoes which were way too big for me and I was very concerned she would laugh if I told her that I took ballet classes. There were a lot of people in this office and I found myself sat amongst them in my massive pointe shoes as she announced to us all she was quitting ENB.

Tamara Rojo also featured in another dream. Well, the person said she was Tamara but she didn’t look like her and was taking our class. In the same dream I was also left by myself as nobody wanted to partner me due to my penché not being a beautiful 180 degrees. I was sad.
Flexibility dreams are the current recurring dreams of the minute. I think for now, they may have overtaken the ‘multiple turns nightmares’. In my dreams I can actually sit in the splits, comfortably with no apparent effort whatsoever.

I also once did a perfect 180 degree splits during a Grand Jeté. Check me out!


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