Grishko 2007

A couple of weeks ago I went for a pointe fitting in a desperate attempt to find my perfect pointe shoes or at least become closer to them. I had completely fallen out of love with my current pairs and with a performance coming up shortly I needed a pair that fit comfortably, was able to dance in and, yes, made my feet look good.

Unfortunately, as with watching ENB perform, I am geographically challenged when it comes to finding a decent pointe shoe fitter. A trip to London is expensive unless booked weeks in advance, so I headed to a lady based near Nottingham who had been recommended by some friends.


After a very thorough and knowledgeable fitting the final choice was between Grishko 2007 and Bloch Axis? I can’t quite remember. I do remember seeing Freeds and thinking ‘Let me try the Freeds, I want to be like Tamara/Marianela/etc!’. I left with the Grishkos.

I chose the Grishkos because I have never felt anything like they way they instantly supported my instep/arches. I was instantly ‘up there’ without spending time bending the shanks against the floor. They did not make my feet look small and square like the previous Bloch pairs I had been wearing. I didn’t have to bend my knees in second position to be able to get over the box properly.

I have taken one class in them so far and the only padding I needed in them was ouch pouches. This had been unheard of in previous pairs of pointe shoes! I haven’t even needed to break them in. No bashing against the floor, no squashing the box so it’s more comfortable, and no bending the shank to conform to the foot. They have been an instant fit. In fact the only niggle is that I have bought heel grips as they aren’t as snug around the heels as the Blochs were.

But apart from that I am not complaining..these could be The Ones.



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