55 Thoughts from a Ballerina on the (Injury) Bench

It’s been two weeks since my last ballet class and THREE, yes THREE long weeks since the last pointe class. I don’t miss class, it’s not my ‘thing’. I recently had to have a medical procedure which meant that exercise was a definite no. (Not even a sneaky little bit of barre work). Cue stompy-ballerina-sulk and a break from ballet.

Here are 55 thoughts that went through my ballet-starved brain over the last few weeks:

1. My appointment is on ballet day?!

2. No exercise for two weeks?!

3. Maybe I can just do barre in class and sit out jumps.

4. And turns.

5. Maybe I can do pointe?

6. Or maybe not. Pointe work isn’t gentle.

7. Watching your fellow ballerinas dance while you sit on the side is a depressing thought.

8. This is my last class before my appointment.

9. I want to do this class in pointe shoes.

10. I enjoy this too much and don’t want to miss the next few weeks.

11. Get a grip, ballerina! People have to miss class for much longer than you.

12. Yeah, so I definitely could not have gone to class after this. [Post-procedure]

13. Ouch.

14. I can’t even do a grand plié right now.

15. Everybody is at class right now and I’m sat on a sofa.

16. Tuesdays are not the same.

17. I miss my pointe shoes.

18. What I get left behind.

19. What if when I return they can all do triples?

20. What if the triples are en pointe?

21. I’ll be fine, I’ll just have a little practise in the kitchen over the next few weeks.

22. [Next day] I don’t see what all the fuss is about, I’m not in any pain.

23. Maybe that means I can go to class next week!

24. Yeah maybe not. [After walking too far the next day.]

25. Ouch.

26. I really have to miss class don’t I?

27. What if my body can’t remember to pirouette when I get back?

28. What if I lose ALL flexibility?

29. What if my feet loose their strength?

30. I miss my pointe shoes.

31. I miss barre work.

32. I miss rond de jambe.

33. I miss adage.

34. I really miss adage.

35. I don’t miss petit battements.

36. I really miss being en pointe.

37. I cannot imagine permanently giving up ballet.

38. Something is definitely missing.

39. What if I lose my ballet muscles.

40. My beautiful rock hard ballet calf muscles, are they disappearing?

41. I hope muscle memory is a real thing.

42. I miss arabesques.

43. I miss the post-ballet class feeling.

44. Am I going to look enormous in a leotard after all this time time off?

45. What if I lose my turn out?

46. I am quite worried that I have lost my pirouettes in ALL forms.

47. Watching ballet makes me jealous.

48. I cannot wait to get back to class.

49. I really miss pointe work.

50. I cannot imagine giving this up.

51. I need to work extra hard when I get back.

52. I hope there is such a thing as ‘pirouette memory’.

53. Turns in attitude, oh how I miss you!

54. I never realised just how much I would actually miss dancing.

55. Back to class day is finally here, get me back to that barre!


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