Ballet V.s Real Life

I would very much like to do the thirty-two fouettés en pointe, in fact make that ten, or even just five please. You see, there’s a little problem with ballet at the present, it’s called REAL LIFE.  And it’s made me walk/dance/crash into the wall-of-making-no-progress.

A few months ago Queen T as we call her, did a Q&A session on Twitter. In answer to asking how you learn to ‘turn like Tamara’ she said years of study and practise. Now I know I started twenty years too late but I’m impatient and ambitious and I’m determined to turn like the Queen does, or at least half as well.
The determination is there are then real life gets it the way. I’m full of good intentions on the way home from work. ‘It’s a great evening for a little pirouette practise in the kitchen after tea’. I have no idea how many times I’ve thought this on the way home from work every night. I get in, eat tea, shower, stretch and fall asleep and before I know it it’s time to repeat yesterday.
The one thing that I have been battling real life with are the stretches. I’m making slow but steady progress with the flexibility issue. The splits will be mine, and I’ve a day less than four months to get them. No pressure.
Other things that real life likes to get in the way of include:
Strength building for fouetté turns.
Overcoming the recent fear of pirouette en dedans en pointe. Completely irrational!
Turn out.
Getting a higher devant leg in grand battements.
Less aching hips in rond de jambe en l’air.
Consistent double pirouettes.
Pirouettes from fifth en pointe.
And occasionally from fourth now we’re on the subject.
Higher arabesques.
Real life also gets in the way of the occasional ballet urges, such as wanting to just launch myself into a turn in attitude when the mood takes me. Stupid real life.


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