Death of a Pointe Shoe

Whenever I get a new pair of pointe shoes it never fails to amaze me how rock solid they are. When I got my latest pair the other week, I was so surprised at how soft and more like comfortable slippers the dead pair felt. The right shank had snapped, there was not a lot of support over the latter classes I took in them to say the least!
I really don’t like sewing new shoes, that novelty of having a pair to sew quickly wore off after getting my first pair. I’m not too keen on brand new pointe shoes either, however since wearing Grishko 2007, it’s not so bad as I don’t have to do much to break them in, and they mould to my feet very quickly.

I retired the latest pair to the pointe shoe graveyard in the spare bedroom last week. The first Grishkos in a pile of Blochs. Here’s their little 12 week life in pictures…

Brand New: No breaking in required, they instantly hugged each part of my foot.
Mid-Life:  Achieved randomly long balances in attitude in one class, dressed as a Swan and danced three shows over a weekend.


Death: Snapped right shank meant falling out of balances/turns and the growing pointe shoe graveyard.




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