25 Thoughts from Watching English National Ballet’s Nutcracker

1. Fernanda Oliveira’s feet. Ballet feet.

2. Crystal Costa makes it look so easy.

3. The music from the Pas de Deux at the end of Act I is probably going to be on repeat on my iPod for a while now.

4. Fernanda Oliveira and Fabian Reimair dancing together. (*Sigh)

5. Snowflakes. The Artists of ENB couldn’t be any more magical right now and I want to join in too.

6. Senri Kou is fast becoming one of my ballerina crushes with her dancing skills.

7. Chinese will always be my favourite divertissement. The costumes in this production are stunning and I love the fouettés at the end of this piece.

8. Even though Arabian is my least favourite I actually appreciated it for how hard it would be to dance. It’s like a super-slow adagio and the balance of those ballerinas, and crazy beautiful extensions is something to be amazed by.

9. Talking of extensions, the flexibility and strength displayed by ENB makes me feel like a stiff old lady trying to get my splits.

10. Vitor Luiz. Who are you and where do you come from? You’re a little easy on the eye.

11. I enjoyed the Mirlitons more than last time, perhaps it’s because I watched Crystal Costa’s fancy footwork quite closely. What’s with all the turns on a bent knee? Are you out of your mind? This girl has all the strength.

12. Ahh. Waltz of the Flowers. Forever my favourite. The bit of music around the four minute mark gives me goosebumps every time.

13. Don’t cry like last year when the Grand Pas de Deux starts.

14. Oh, those opening notes.

15. This is the best bit.

16. The music is at a tempo that is slow enough for you to soak up every last step and appreciate just how technically difficult this Pas de Deux is.

17. More turns on a bent leg!

18. Fernanda makes everything look like it’s done with ease.

19. Vitor Luiz makes those lifts look like its normal to be THAT strong.

20. I want to dance like Fernanda Oliveira does.

21. And be as flexible. And strong.

22. Vitor Luiz is a left turner?! Or the choreography is just cruel. Grand Pirouettes a la Second to the left, rather you than me.

23. I want to go to class now please.

24. I better go home and work on my flexibility.

25. I better go home and work on everything.


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