Most Wanted Dancewear | December

December’s most wanted is pointe shoes.
Not a new pair of pointes, or a specific brand, make, or model but the chance to actually dance in them. You see, I am currently experiencing ‘ballet-pangs’ and cravings for class.

2016 has taken away my regular class and I am torn over what I still have access to. It doesn’t give me the fulfillment that my old class did and yet when I do manage to attend (in between how intense work/life has been) it reminds me of how much I miss dancing and how I wish I could have a ballet class like I used to.
I miss the feel of pointe shoes and dancing on them. I miss the grace and the sense of achievement that ballet gives. I miss the strength of being a ballerina, the flexibility and the discomfort that means you are doing it right. And I miss the social side of it.
So that is December’s most wanted. It’s not just pointe shoes, it’s having a regular ballet class to attend.

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