Planning the Tour du Mont Blanc

For those of you that have seen the endless posts on Instagram or read about last year’s trip to the Alps on here you’ll know how much Chamonix and the Mont Blanc Massif stole my heart. Shortly after we got home the UTMB started popping up in my Instagram feeds on accounts I had recently started following. As the pictures came in thick and fast of stunning scenes, vast Alpine valleys and enormous mountains I decided I wanted in on the action.

Unfortunately I’m not an Ultra Runner and therefore having not ran any races to qualify for running 170km around the Alps the UTMB is currently out of the question.

But I am not one to take no for an answer. When I want epic alpine valleys and endurance through the mountains I can do the Tour du Mont Blanc instead.

Ever since I discovered this trek I have being simmering with excitement. We have finally booked our accommodation for the 8 days we have planned after the TMB which means today it was all systems go for researching the TMB route.

We had already decided that we are only doing part of it; Courmeyeur to Chamonix, as we wanted to spend time in Chamonix for doing some mountaineering. If there was enough time away from work I am pretty sure we could have done the full loop but 100km of the TMB should just about satisfy my craving.

Today has been spent researching were to stay on the TMB. We’ve got a nice mix up of Refuges and campsites. OneNote has been overused for lists of accommodation, distances, new camping/trekking essentials and where to buy supplies along the route.

I am very much looking forward to prepping for this trip and so far, the bit of the TMB I am most looking forward to is the view coming back into Chamonix along the Grand Balcon Sud… This is going to be spectacular!


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