Trail Run | Lincolnshire Wolds 11.74km

Normally our trail runs are planned for places with big hills so we decided to try a route closer to home. Despite the route being a lot flatter than usual the scenery was surprisingly pleasant, and the run was really enjoyable.

We had spent Easter Sunday drinking gin and beer and I didn’t have a very good night’s sleep so I wasn’t feeling too full of energy (especially after the wheat-based Easter breakfasts) so I wasn’t holding my hopes high for an easy time.

BG planned a route on his Suunto Ambit3 Peak and I just followed. The run started from the Massingberd Arms pub in South Ormsby. The first 5.5km went along easy to find paths and tracks through farmers’ fields and was surprisingly sheltered considering the strong breezes back in town.


The trail turned onto the road for around 5km but still offered views of the rolling (little) hills of the Lincolnshire Wolds in the spring sunshine. It then turned back off into more fields towards a tiny little village called Driby. The route was never boggy which was a bit of a treat considering the last few trail runs have involved grand jetés across boggy areas in the Lake District and Peak District. It was never difficult under foot and therefore easier to enjoy the views on the run.

After Driby the run continued through woodland, farmland and back onto the main road back to South Ormsby. It was really enjoyable, especially as the last week was just full of frustrations about my body and its fitness. After the initial mile, which in any run I do my body takes time to settle into comfort, the run was really quite easy. Not a lot of steep hills, more just prolonged but gentle inclines and it took a leisurely 90 minutes to complete.

A nice little trail.

A nice little trail to warm up on when you’re planning to run the Yorkshire Three Peaks next week.


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