Multitasking Dancewear

Since returning to ballet Wednesday evenings have become the midweek-super-fitness night with a 3.5 mile run home following 90 minutes of ballet class. It wasn’t planned this way, I just get home A LOT quicker if I run. Since class finishes at 8pm and I have normally been at work since 8am I just want to get home and that means no time for faffing getting changed out of a leotard, tights, ballet skirt, etc. I have been switching the ballet skirt for pulling a pair of running leggings over the tights and leo but as the months are getting warmer this is not practical or comfortable! So I’ve been on the look out for more functional, multitasking ballet wear. A tutu is no longer practical.

The basics are tights. I like wearing tights, especially when dancing in pointe shoes, I just find it more comfortable. I have invested in some black convertible ones that I can convert into leggings for the run home.

Move Dancewear do there own Convertible Dance Tights which are a bargain yet good quality.

Rather than the beloved ballet skirts, I’ve turned to wearing shorts over the tights for a quick transition into a run home. They may not be quite as pretty as a Georgette wrap skirt but they do the same job of covering up my not-so-ballerina-like-bottom.

There are dance shorts all over the web. Bloch do these very pretty Tacita Warm Up Shorts as well as these relaxed fit shorts which can both be worn outside of the studio. However as I am in the market for practicality Under Armour offer a great range of shorts that can easily be worn over ballet tights.



Leotards are still an option but I find that depending on the material the shorts are made off that they can ride up the and it just becomes unflattering and uncomfortable, so I’m moving to wearing a sports bra underneath a t-shirt.

That’s not to say there aren’t prettier options as an alternative to a leotard. Cloud and Victory make the prettiest and creative dance clothes ever known and this cropped sweater is just further proof of their genius and witty design.

Under Armour (I love their stuff for running) have this detailed top to add a little femininity to plain old functional workout clothes.

Sweaty Betty also offer workout clothes that are look a little more than just ‘practical’. Unfortunately for me, yet luckily for them, it looks like I won’t be donning a tutu anytime soon!




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