I Love Cardio

This post is kind of a sequel to this post.  Since then, I’ve realised that cardio is the exercise of choice for me. And this is so NOT on trend. All the fitness articles I’ve read/researched all convey strength and or resistance training as a magical gift from the fitness Gods to give you THAT body.

Well actually I find it unbelievably dull.

REALLY dull.

And call me controversial but I think the results I get from cardio are far more rewarding than being stood around lifting weights.

I’m not talking just physical results. Well, I am in a way. But mainly I just find that I feel way better for doing a 45 minute run that what I do after lifting dumbbells for 45 minutes. Running feels rewarding. Weights just feel tedious. At the end of a long run I like the way all your body feels like it’s been exhausted and the calories have been burnt. At the end of a weights session mainly the upper body, because that’s what I use them for, just feels a fatigued. My heart rate hasn’t got up and my body feels left wanting to feel like it does after running.

Running gives me endorphins. As does ballet, another form of cardio (which also combines strength training too). Weights don’t give me endorphins, they normally just give me vocabulary of cursing an moaning.

When trying to do ALL of the exercise as I was previously almost every article said that you should do more strength training and basically that cardio should be used moderately. We are all told that cardio is a no. And I don’t know why. Not all of us are trying to achieve THAT body with the ‘girls that lift’ slogan. I didn’t like my quads when they started to get bigger from too many sessions of Insanity. I certainly don’t want a ‘bubble butt’. My butt is the curviest part of me and it needs no help in being bigger/more muscular. Running is the best thing for my butt! And ballet.

Cardio gets such a bad wrap at the moment and yet it does actually have benefits!

Running (as that’s my cardio of choice) is good for your heart and cardiovascular health, it reduces stress and in my case, anxiety and the ‘runners’ high’ is not a myth. It burns calories that it turn can burn fat. Running tones the leg muscles, the calves, shins, hamstrings and quads to a nice slender and lean look – no ‘weightlifting quads’ here for me. It helps to tone the core too. Running helps you sleep better and apparently, science has proven it’s not bad for your knees as so many people believe, along with strengthening bone mass.

Running is good. Cardio is good. And if you prefer it over any other form of exercise then go out and do it, especially if it makes you feel better. It’s better than doing no exercise at all.


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